Creative Design Trends 2019

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

In this chapter, we would like to share some news about creative trend 2019, some of them is more about art and graphics beauty. If can be combine with strategic marketing and business together with creative design it would be tremendous. Check this out!

1. 3D Design and Typography

Three dimensional works seems to be everywhere right now: entire compositions that have so much depth. 3D typography especially feels just about ready to pop. The best part about it is there’s no particular type that works best for this trend: bold, skinny, sans-serif, script, any font can be rendered in 3D.

2. Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical layouts break free from the rigid and predictable grid, they deliver more kinetic energy and movement. An asymmetrical layout, whether on a design composition, in an app or on a site, demands attention. The user feels an innate curiosity about where the information and graphics might go next, creating a feeling of wonder and interest as they scroll or peruse a design.

3. Duotones and Gradients

Simple one-color logos aren’t enough! More and more are showing up with some kind of gradient. Some are the expected combinations (blue/purple, red/orange) but others use chunkier duotone fades. Gradient can add subtle depth and shading to flat illustration.

4. Warm and Moody Color Palettes

While a few years ago designers were told to shun muted colors to embrace the bold and neon, these day designers feel like a direct throwback to the soft, low-fi photography of the seventies and even muted camcorder footage of the 1980s. Incorporating some amount of black into each color, these photos have a warm and wistful vibe that neon colors will never compete with.

5. Custom Illustrations Lighten Up

After years of bold, thick lines in illustration, there’s been a recent rise in more delicate, elegant illustration. Heavily influenced by botanical and natural elements, this trend is more feminine and appeals to a more innocent and childlike part of us all. We’re seeing it take a front seat particularly in packaging design, where intricate designs are rendered beautifully against a textured paper background. With addition of premium materials like foil and embossing, these designs strike a balance between maximalism and simplicity.

6. Isometric Design

Isometric designs create whole universes in tiny little spaces. Isometric design sounds highly technical, but it’s simply a method of drawing a 3D object in two dimensions. The drawing is simple and clean, but has a depth that flat design can’t compete with. The arena where this trend is heating up the most is with icons. Isometric icons have a lot more tactility and warmth than flat design, drawing users in.

source: various data from search engine.

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